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Organizing a Middle-level Chapter

Middle-level Coordinator
Mrs. Michele Sites

234 Village Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317
412.417.3543 cell/texts
msites@pafbla.us email
Please direct all questions regarding the formation of a middle-level chapter to Michele Sites.

When ready, request the state office to create a middle-level chapter record and an adviser username/password.

Follow these steps to charter or reactivate an FBLA middle-level chapter:

Step #1:  Make sure you have received all necessary approvals to start an FBLA chapter.
1.  Speak to staff members who might be willing to serve as a chapter adviser.

2.  Schedule to meet with the school principal about your desire to start an FBLA chapter.
3.  Be ready to meet with the school superintendent and possibly the School Board.
4.  Use the documentation found below to create a packet of materials for your principal, superintendent, school board.

Step #2:  Read the cover letter listed below:
New/Reactivated Chapter Starter Packet Cover Letter

Step #3:  Download and complete the chapter reactivation/starter application form listed below:
New/reactivated chapter application form
1.  complete all information on the form, including the members’ names.
2.  Add the students’ grade levels after each name.

Step #4:  Complete the sample chapter bylaws found below:
Sample Local Chapter Bylaws in PDF Format.
Sample Local Chapter Bylaws in Word Format.

Step #5:  E-mail the state office that you would like to start/reactivate an FBLA chapter:
Complete the following New Chapter Adviser Registration Form.  This will result in the prospective chapter adviser receiving a username/password to register members on the Pennsylvania FBLA web site.

Step #6:  Process one check for membership dues (PA FBLA pays the $20 reactivation fee):
————->Make the check payable to:  Pennsylvania FBLA.
————->Dues are $9 per student ($3 state dues and $6 national dues) for students in Grades 5-8.
————->Dues are unified.  A member must pay both state and national dues.
————->Dues are not refundable once they are processed.

Step #7:  Mail the following items to the PA FBLA State office:
————->1.  New/reactivated chapter application form
————->2.  Copy of local chapter bylaws
————->3.  Membership dues check

To process additional memberships after you submit your initial application forms:
————->Advisers will receive a username and password to enter members online at the PA FBLA web site.
————->Enter members; generate an invoice.  Make your check payable to:  Pennsylvania FBLA.
————->Mail to the state office.

State Office Mailing Address:
Mr. Bruce E. Boncal

PA FBLA Executive Director
PO Box 5085
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

In order to start a chapter, the chapter must have an adviser and a minimum three members. It is not necessary to have chapter officers elected at the time the application submitted.  Additional members may be submitted at any time during the year.

Recruitment Resources
01.  PA FBLA Middle-level Fact Sheet
02   National FBLA Fact Sheet
03.  National FBLA Middle-level Adviser Welcome Guide
Topics include:  (1) adviser duties and resources, (2) fundraising, (3) service programs, (4) leadership programs/other programming
03.  National Membership Recruitment Poster
03.  National FBLA Middle-level Recruitment Video
04.  PA FBLA Competitive Events Brochure

04.  Middle-level Chapter Building Basics
06.  Logos and Imagery (including downloadable recruitment poster, middle-level logo)
07.  Five Steps to Recruitment Success
08.  Ten Recruitment Ideas for Middle-level Chapters
09.  More Recruitment Ideas
10.  Sample Member Recruitment Letter

A business educator is preferred to serve as a chapter adviser, but a school administration approved faculty adviser from another discipline/administration area may serve as a chapter adviser.  Currently, FBLA advisers include business educators, math educators, English educators, science educators, counselors, and principals/assistant principals, among others.  PA FBLA will provide training for new advisers. 
Critical to the chapter’s success will be an adviser who believes in:   the goals of FBLA; career development and leadership development opportunities as tools for future student success; community service to build school pride and community connections; competitive events as a vehicle to demonstrate student academic achievement; among others.

Chapter Management Resources
01.  Chapter Management 101
02.  Five Easy Steps to Chapter Management
03.  Adviser Role and Responsibilities
04.  Electing Officers and Their Duties
05.  Managing Your Meetings
——->Sample Meeting Agenda
——->Sample Meeting Minutes
——->Sample Treasurer’s Report
06.  Chapter Program of Work
07.  Meeting Icebreakers
08.  Chapter Activity Ideas
09.  Suggested Chapter Committees

Why should my school form a middle-level chapter?
State and national recognition for local members and chapters with an exciting new program called the Middle Level Achievement Program (MAP) written exclusively for the middle level division. This program focuses on:

• Competitive Recognition – events offered in business skill areas such as spreadsheets, computer slide show presentation, keyboarding, proofreading/editing, desktop publishing, etc.

• Individual Recognition – members can compete for three individual recognition levels designed to reward members who excel in their FBLA participation. This program is designed with integrated classroom activities and focuses on community/school service, education, leadership, and career exploration.

• Chapter Recognition – chapters can compete for the “Excellence Award” which encourages projects and activities in the areas of school/community service, education, and leadership.

• Membership Recognition – awarded to chapters who focus on building and maintaining membership.

• Leadership development and achievement through projects, activities, and programs.

• Community service experience with organizations such as the March of Dimes, the Red Cross, the American Heart Association, etc.

• Friendship and fun through local, state, and national activities.

• Career exploration opportunities through local chapter projects such as business guest speakers, business tours, and job-shadowing activities.

• A magazine, published four times a year.

• A membership card.

• An online Web site with message boards, interactive business games, business publications, and a homework help section.

Who is eligible for Pennsylvania FBLA middle-level membership?
Anyone who wants to learn more about leadership, teamwork, and business, is in grades 5-8, and is in a business or a business-related class.

What are the state and national dues?
Pennsylvania state middle-level dues are $3; national dues are $6.

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