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ML Downloadable Files

Letter to FBLA Advisers Encouraging Them to Promote Middle-level FBLA
Pennsylvania Middle-level Policy/Leadership Handbook (complete)
National FBLA Middle-level Policy/Leadership Handbook (complete)

Local Chapter Organization, Officers, and Meeting Management

  1. Chapter Building Basics
  2. Chapter Management 101
  3. Start and FBLA Chapter in 5 Easy Steps
  4. Adviser Responsibilities
  5. Electing Officers and Their Duties
  6. Creating a Chapter Program of Work
  7. Sample Meeting Agenda
  8. Sample Meeting Minutes
  9. Sample Chapter Budget
  10. Sample Treasurer’s Financial Report
  11. Meeting Icebreakers
  12. Leadership Activities
  13. Chapter Activity Ideas

Chapter Fundraising

  1. Fundraising Timeline and Planning Sheet (completed sample)
  2. Fundraising Timeline and Planning Sheet (blank)
  3. National Fundraising Partners
  4. Detailed Information on National Fundraising Partners and Products Offered
  5. Sample Donation Solicitation Letter

PA FBLA Chapter and Membership Programs

  1. State Project Information
  2. Middle-level Outstanding Chapter(use to guide the development of a program of work)
  3. Big 33 Community Service Program
  4. State Leadership Workshop (see main page of PA FBLA web site)
  5. State Leadership Conference

Education and Curriculum

  1. March of Dimes Service Learning Curriculum
  2. School Store Operating Manual
  3. Lead2Feed

Celebrations and Supporting Materials

  1. American Enterprise Day — November 15 (from national web site)
  2. FBLA-PBL Week — February 5-11,2017 (from national web site)

Recruitment Materials

  1. Middle-level Recruitment Video
  2. National 2016-17 Welcome Back Webinar
  3. Middle-level Chapter Starter/Universal Application Packet
  4. Middle-level Chapter Application Processing Instructions
  5. Competitive Events/Business Ed Standards
  6. National Middle-level Fact Sheet
  7. Pennsylvania FBLA Middle-level Fact Sheet
  8. Sample Middle-level Membership Application
  9. Sample Middle-level Recruitment Letter
  10. Ten Middle-level Recruitment Ideas
  11. Middle-level Leadership Activities for Officer Teams
  12. FBLA-PBL Assorted Logos/Image Library
  13. Middle-level Installation Ceremonies
  14. Competitive Events Quick Reference Guide
  15. National Middle-level Brochure
  16. Meeting Motivators

National Programs

  1. National High Five Leadership Development Program
  2. American Enterprise Day — November 15
  3. Middle-level Achievement Program
  4. 100% Class Participation Award
  5. Membership Achievement Award
  6. Night of the Body Snatchers I
  7. Night of the Body Snatchers II
  8. Chapter Excellence Award


  1. National FBLA Middle-level Web Site
  2. National Middle-level Advisers’ Area
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State Leadership Workshop
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National Leadership Conference Information
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