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Virtual Chapter

Pennsylvania FBLA has created a “virtual FBLA chapter” to reach out to students whose schools do not have an organized FBLA chapter and would not otherwise be able to take advantage of membership in Pennsylvania FBLA and National FBLA.

Virtual Chapter Guidelines

  1. The name of this chapter shall be the Pennsylvania FBLA Virtual FBLA Chapter.
  2. The chapter’s physical address shall be the location of the Executive Director’s office.


  1. Membership is open to any student enrolled in a business or business-related class in a school that does not have an active FBLA chapter, to any home-schooled student, or to any student enrolled in a cyber charter school, or brick-and-mortar charter school. Students in schools with active FBLA chapters are not permitted to be members of the virtual chapter.
  2. Members shall complete an online application that will be signed by a parent providing permission for a student to participate in the Pennsylvania Virtual FBLA chapter.
  3. Dues shall be $12–$6 state dues and $6 national dues.
  4. The chapter shall elect officers as needed.
  5. Committees may be established for the Virtual Chapter as necessary, and all virtual chapter members will be eligible to serve on a committee.
  6. Members must have a computer, an Internet connection, and a functioning e-mail address to attend virtual meetings.


  1. Meeting will be conducted monthly via a “GoToMeeting.” Meetings of officers will occur virtually prior to the regular membership meeting.
  2. The adviser(s) of the chapter shall be the members of the state management team, staff assistants, or others appointed by the Executive Director.


  1. Pennsylvania FBLA will not pay any travel expenses for students or chaperones to participate in FBLA functions. All expenses must be incurred by the member and his/her parents.

Membership Benefits

  1. Members of the Virtual FBLA chapter shall be entitled to participate in any special programs established by Pennsylvania FBLA, such as Big 33, Keystone Leadership Award, etc.
  2. Members of the Virtual FBLA chapter shall be entitled to participate in any Pennsylvania FBLA function based on attendance restrictions that apply to those events.
  3. Members may attend the State Leadership Workshop with adult supervision, and the student and adult must comply with the Delegate Code of Conduct.
  4. Members may attend the Region Leadership Workshop in their area where their home is located with adult supervision, and the member must comply with all policies established by that region.
  5. Members may participate in the competitive events program in a “virtual region.” The virtual region will include the PA FBLA Virtual Chapter as well as any cyber charter schools that may be part of Pennsylvania FBLA.
    1. All testing will be done from their home location under adult supervision.
    2. School-site tests will be administered following the same guidelines as students in other regions.
    3. For performance events, students may submit their work by video for review by a panel of judges.
    4. For team events, students may combine with other virtual chapter members to form a team, but testing will have to be done in a common location under adult supervision.
    5. All participation in competitive events will be done in compliance with guidelines established by the Pennsylvania FBLA state office.
  6. The Virtual Region will qualify students to participate in the State Leadership Conference using the same guidelines as other chapters. In order to participate in the competitive events, students must attend the State Leadership Conference and compete onsite with all other students; the students will comply with the Delegate Code of Conduct; and any other regulations established for members of the Virtual Chapter. Students are eligible to participate in the state-only competitive events and must submit their work by the stated deadlines.
    1. The student must be accompanied by an adult in order to participate in State Leadership Conference activities.
    2. Students must be an active and good-standing member for a minimum of one year to be eligible to run for a state officer position.
    3. The Virtual Chapter will be entitled to two voting delegates at the State Leadership Conference.
  7. Members of the Virtual Chapter shall be eligible to attend the National Leadership Conference with adult supervision.
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