PO Box 5085, Jersey Shore, PA 17740
  (570) 398-4652 Phone/Fax

Becoming a VC Member

To become a virtual chapter member, you need to:

  1. Be a student enrolled in a business or business-related class in a school that does not have an active FBLA chapter, be enrolled in a cyber charter or brick-and-mortar charter school, or be a home-schooled student.
  2. Must have a computer, an Internet connection, and a functioning e-mail address to attend virtual meetings.
  3. Complete the online application that will be signed by a parent providing permission for a student to participate in the Pennsylvania FBLA Virtual Chapter. Click here for the online membership application.
  4. Pay $12 membership dues–$6 state dues and $6 national dues by sending it to the Virtual Chapter Coordinator/Adviser or completing the online credit card application. Make the check payable to: PA FBLA

For more information, contact:
Mrs. Maura Angle
PA FBLA Virtual Chapter Coordinator
PO Box 5085
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
Cell Phone/Texts: 570.814.8148
E-mail mangle@pafbla.us


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