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Applying for Office

December 15, 2022 — state officer/national officer online application materials RECEIVED BY deadline — no later than 11:59 pm.

January TBD, 2023 — state officer candidate and adviser election process orientation (via Zoom)
February 04, 2023
— state officer candidate mandatory interviews (in person/Hershey) (option 1)

February 11, 2023 — state officer candidate action plans due (option 1 group)
February 25, 2022 — state mandatory officer candidate interview (in person/Hershey) (option 2)
March 04, 2023 — state officer candidate action plans due (option 2 group)
March 18, 2023 — state officer candidate campaign materials online submission deadline
April 16, 2023 — mandatory state officer candidate/adviser briefing and approvals

The following are REQUIRED dates/events that all candidates and their advisers must attend.  All dates and locations in the schedule listed below are subject to change.  Notification of changes will be provided as soon as the information becomes available.

—>Virtual Executive Committee meetings (via Zoom) as called by Kristi Ryland, State Officer Adviser
—>June 25-July 01, 2023:  National Leadership Conference, Atlanta, Georgia

NEW POLICY for 2023-2024:  The state officer adviser is not required to travel with the state officer to the National Leadership Conference.  To provide maximum flexibility and adult supervision, one of the following must occur:  (1) the state officer must be accompanied by a parent (at his/her own expense), or (2) the school system and parent must consent through written agreement with the PA FBLA state office that the PA FBLA State Officer Adviser (and Management Team) will be responsible for the supervision of the state officer while at the National Leadership Conference.  In the absence of an adviser, school-approved chaperone, or parent traveling with the student, arrangements must be made locally for supervision to and from the airport.  The state officer adviser is REQUIRED to be in attendance for all other required events.

—>July 21-22, 2023:  Board of Directors Meeting, Kalahari Resort (President, Vice President, and Respective Advisers/meeting will begin at 12:00 noon, Friday, with BOD luncheon)
—>July 22-24, 2023:  Executive Committee Meeting, Kalahari Resort

—>October 28, 2023:  Executive Committee Meeting (before SLW), Kalahari Resort
—>October 29-30, 2023:  State Leadership Workshop, Kalahari Resort
—>January 26-27, 2024: Board of Directors Meeting, Hershey Lodge (President, Vice President, and Respective Advisers)
—>January 26-28, 2024:  Executive Committee Meeting, Hershey Lodge
—>April 06-07, 2024:  Executive Committee Meeting, Hershey Lodge
—>April 08-09, 2024:  State Leadership Conference, Hershey Lodge
Potential Other Optional Events
—>November 2023:  National Fall Leadership Conference (if held in Pennsylvania, mandatory attendance)

FBLA Traditions Of Opportunity Videos (for officer candidates and advisers)
1.  The Introduction (3:23)
2.  The Concept (8:53)
3.  The Start Up (9:24)
4.  The Innovators (6:39)
5.  The Early Adopters (3:20)
6.  The Pivot (7:10)
7.  The Modern Area (5:22)
8.  The Culture (6:11)
9.  Emblem Ceremony (3:51)

10.21  State Officer Candidate Guidelines/Applications
—>Executive Committee Overview (from Policy Handbook)

—>Executive Committee Responsibilities (from Policy Handbook)
—>Procedure for Becoming a State Officer (from Policy Handbook)
—>State Officer Interview Committee (from Policy Handbook)
—>State Officer Election Campaign Guidelines (from Policy Handbook)

10.21  Overview of Application/Election Process
10.21  Part 1:  State Officer Candidate Online Application/Guidelines

10.21  Part 2:  State Officer Candidate’s Adviser Online Application/Guidelines
10.21  Part 3:  State Officer Candidate Approval Signatures Form
10.21  State Officer Candidate Interview Scoring Rubric
10.21  State Officer Sample Applicant Questions

10.21  State Officer Adviser Sample Applicant Questions
10.21  State Officer Travel Policy
10.21  State Officer Accountability Regulations for 2023-24 Officer Candidates
10.21  Delegate Codes of Conduct

10.21   State Officer Anticipated Expenses (for 2023-24 elected officers)
10.21   State Officer Succession Guidelines

10.21  Procedures for Becoming a National Officer
—>Part 1:  National Officer Candidate Application — Student Portion
—>Part 2: National Officer Candidate Application — Adviser Portion
—>Part 3: National Officer Candidate Approval Signatures Form
—>National Officer Candidate Selection Criteria

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