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2022-2023 National Theme / National FBLA Rebranding Information

2022-2023 National Theme:
One Association for Service, Education & Progress

Additional Information on the National FBLA Rebranding Process:
During the 2021-2022 year, National FBLA engaged in a rebranding initiative with the background information and rationale listed below.  While National FBLA is beginning the transition to the new brand assets in its publications; on its website and social media platforms; and in its documents; the PA FBLA Board of Directors took action at its July 2022 meeting to delay full implementation until at least August 1, 2023 (possibly earlier) — pending additional guidance from National FBLA on its implementation and the legal implications associated with the transition.

National FBLA released information to advisers about the rebranding process in June 2022 via an email.  What you need to know:
1.   The name of the organization will be:  Future Business Leaders of America (it will no longer be known as Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. / aka FBLA-PBL, Inc.)

2.  The divisions of Future Business Leaders of America shall be distinguished by:

  • FBLA High School
  • FBLA Middle School
  • FBLA Collegiate

3.  At the 2022 National Leadership Conference in Chicago, the following logo was unveiled:

4.  National FBLA has since announced a redesigned emblem/crest:

5.  Use of National FBLA logos, emblems, etc., by state, region, and local chapters will be guided by the National FBLA Brand Guidebook.

Rebranding Fact Sheet (as published by National FBLA):

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