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Keystone Leadership Award, 2020-21

The Pennsylvania FBLA Keystone Leadership Award recognizes successful members for all their participation in FBLA. Encompassing community service, leadership involvement, competitive events, recruitment, publicity, and professional development, this award certifies a complete FBLA education. The Keystone Leadership Award is designed to acknowledge those who participate in the promotion of the 2020-2021 State Goals and Plans of Work.

Keystone Leadership Award Flyer (with details)
Keystone Leadership Award Submission Link

Who Is Eligible?

  • An active FBLA member for at least two consecutive years, including the 2019-2020 application year, who:
    • Is a junior or senior in high school
    • Has successfully completed the requirements listed
    • Has not yet received this award

What is Awarded?

  • Certificate of Achievement and a small gift.
  • If in attendance, recognition on stage at the State Leadership Conference.
  • Recognition on the Keystone Leadership Award Honor Roll published on the Pennsylvania FBLA website.

How to Apply?

  • Complete at least 12 of the 27 items as listed below and on the website.
    • All applicants MUST complete Item #1 under Service, Education, AND Progress to be considered for this award.
  • Submit the required Wufoo form found at the following link:


This link will also be made available on the Pennsylvania FBLA website.

  • It is IMPERATIVE that you collect ALL information before starting to work on the form, as you cannot save it and come back to it!


All items must be completed, verified by an FBLA adviser, and submitted by

March 2, 2021

Members will be notified at the State Leadership Conference if they have won this award. If not in attendance, the award will be given to their adviser or will be mailed to their school.

Questions? Email Maxwell Schwabe, PA FBLA President – president@pafbla.net

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