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State Leadership Workshop 2021

Important Links/Documents for Advisers

SLW Forms (due October 25, 2021)

  1. SLW Delegate Code of Conduct (including “business casual” dress code) (one per student/signature page only)
  2. Student Permission Form (one per student)
  3. Adviser/Guest/Chaperone Emergency Form (one per adviser/guest/chaperone)
  4. Adviser Emergency Contact/Accompanying Form (one per chapter)
  5. Adviser/Guest/Chaperone Hotel/Workshop Safety Guidelines (one per adviser/guest/chaperone)
  6. SLW Dress Code Flyer
  7. SLW T-Shirt Graphic

SLW Special Events Information

  1. Basket Auction Details
  2. SLW Charity Walk
  3. SLW State Project Shirt Sale

All Information You Need to Know Can Be Found in the Following Three Documents (PDFs):

  1. SLW Dates, Details, and FAQs
  2. Promotional Document #1 — PA FBLA SLW Overview
  3. Promotional Document #2 — August Update/Additional Information

For additional questions, please contact:
Janet Skiles
PA FBLA Conference Coordinator

Click on the images for enlarged copies.

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State Leadership Workshop
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State Leadership Conference Registration
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