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Membership Year Opens August 1, 2020

Welcome to Pennsylvania FBLA’s 68th year serving more than 13,000 Pennsylvania students in 325 chapters in Grades 5-8 (middle level) and Grades 9-12 (high school FBLA).

Membership Processing Fees/Procedures

Dues Fees:
Grades 9-12 FBLA:  $12 per student ($6 state/$6 national)
Middle-level FBLA:  $9 per student ($3 state/$9 national)
There are no dues costs for advisers.

Membership Policies/Procedures

  1.  All dues processing is done through the Pennsylvania FBLA website.  Please do not process your membership through the national website.
  2. Dues are unified.  That means a student must be a member of both the state and national levels.  A student cannot be a member of one and not the other.
  3. Dues are not refundable, nor is membership transferrable from one student to another student.  Once you enter a student’s name into the system, it is our policy that the student is an FBLA member and you are now responsible for the dues payment.  Please DO NOT enter a student’s name into the membership system unless you are certain the student will pay dues.  Please do not ask to replace one student’s name with another name because a student has chosen to go inactive or to not participate.
  4. If a student transfers from his/her current school to another school with an FBLA chapter in Pennsylvania or outside Pennsylvania, please contact the state office.  The state office will work with the national office to transfer the student’s membership.  If the student has transferred from his/her school to another school without an FBLA chapter, that student will be assigned to the Pennsylvania FBLA Virtual Chapter and will maintain his/her active membership status with all the rights and responsibilities that comes with that.
  5. All dues are paid to PA FBLA, not the national office.  Once PA FBLA receives the single dues check with state and national dues, PA FBLA staff will upload the chapter’s membership to the national FBLA system.
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