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SLW @ Kalahari Resort — November 3-4, 2019

Make plans now to attend the 2019 State Leadership Workshop at one of Pennsylvania’s newest conference centers AND home of America’s largest indoor waterpark.  What a great way to spend a cold November weekend!

Members must be entered in the PA FBLA membership system in order to register and lodge students for the State Leadership Workshop.

November 03-04, 2019:  State Leadership Workshop (Sunday-Monday/400 event-rate rooms)
November 02, 2019:  Pre-SLW lodging available (Saturday/275 event-rate rooms)
Location:  Kalahari Resort, Pocono Manor

Final SLW Schedule of Events Grid v102719
Final SLW List of Workshop Descriptions v102719

SLW Dining Options
—>“Dinner for a Cause” Voucher Order Form
—>Great Karoo “FBLA Breakfast” Order Form

August 01, 2019:  SLW Registration/Lodging Opens
—> Online registration:  adviser area > SLW registration
—> Online lodging:  adviser area > SLW lodging (opening soon)
October 01, 2019:  SLW Registration/Lodging Closes
October 18, 2019:  SLW Registration/Lodging Payment Due

Registration Fee Per Person:  $40
Cost Per Lodging Room Per Night:  $204 (1-4 persons in the room)
***Each room includes admission tickets to the waterpark.

Who Should Attend the SLW?
Information found here.

Onsite registration opens Sunday, November 03, at 9:00 am
Sunday Opening Session begins at 11:30 am
Monday events begin at 8:00 am
All Monday events conclude by 12:30 pm

SLW Special Events
SLW American Heart Association Charity Walk Information
SLW Basket Auction Information

SLW Behind the Scenes Tour of Resort Operations

October 07 — SLW Shirt Order Deadline
Shirt information found here.
Shirt order form here.

October 16 — FBLA PA — SLW Emergency Forms Deadline
Student Emergency Form (1 per student)
Adviser/Guest/Chaperone Emergency Form (1 per adviser/guest/chaperone)
Accompanying Form with Contact Information (1 per chapter)
Hotel/Safety Guidelines (1 per adviser/guest/chaperone)
Delegate Code of Conduct (1 per student)

October 16 — FBLA PA — SLW Special Needs Submission Deadline
SLW Special Needs Form Link

October 18 — FBLA PA — Final SLW Registration/Lodging Payment Deadline

October 26 — FBLA PA — SLW “Dinner for a Cause” Order Deadline
SLW “Dinner for a Cause” Order Form Link

October 26 — FBLA PA — Kalahari “Behind the Scenes” Tour Registration Deadline (tentative)
SLW “Behind the Scenes” Tour Registration Form Link

October 31 — FBLA PA — SLW “Dinner for a Cause” Payment Deadline

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