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Membership Year Opens August 1, 2022

Welcome to Pennsylvania FBLA’s 71st year serving more than 8,800 Pennsylvania students in 290 chapters in Grades 5-8 (middle level FBLA) and Grades 9-12 (high school FBLA).  Pre-pandemic restrictions, Pennsylvania FBLA’s membership was more than 13,000 students in approximately 325 chapters across the state.

As we did last year, we will continue processing membership through the National FBLA membership system.  If you have questions or need support (especially with your username/password), please contact Bruce Boncal, PA FBLA Executive Director, at bboncal@pafbla.us or 570.279.6998 (cell/texts).

In order to register FBLA members through the National FBLA website, the adviser must be known to Pennsylvania FBLA and National FBLA.  If you are a new FBLA or FBLA-ML adviser, please complete the New Chapter Adviser Registration Form.  Once you do that, Bruce Boncal, PA FBLA Executive Director, will register you as a new adviser with National FBLA.  New advisers will then receive a “welcome” email from National FBLA with instructions to set a permanent password.

National FBLA Webinar for Advisers / Training to Use the National FBLA my.fbla-pbl.org Membership System
Adviser Quick Guide to Processing Membership on the National FBLA Membership System (pdf file)
National FBLA Help Desk (aka Zen Desk) (submit help requests directly to National FBLA)

click here to watch the training webinar for advisers — access code:  aYq%Cc#0
recorded Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • PA FBLA grades 9-12 dues are $12 per student ($6 state, $6 national).
  • PA FBLA middle level (grades 5-8) dues are $9 per student ($3 state, $6 national).
  • National FBLA will not be collecting regional or local chapter dues.
  • Dues are not refundable!
  • Dues are not transferrable to another student!

PA FBLA advisers will no longer be able to enter membership names on the Pennsylvania FBLA website.

Effective August 1, the National FBLA website will accept membership from PA FBLA high school and middle-level chapters.  The process to do that and the form to do that at the national level is nearly identical to what you did on the Pennsylvania FBLA website.  You will need to be prepared with the following information:

  1. Student First Name (required)
  2. Student Last Name (required)
  3. Student Grade Level (required)
  4. Grades 9-12 OR grades 5-8 (required)
  5. Student Gender (required)
  6. Student Email Address/personal email address strongly suggested (required)
  7. Office Held (optional, but highly recommended)
  8. Ethnicity (optional)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:  Collect and list the student’s personal email address UNLESS you can be absolutely certain email from outside your school system will reach the student.  Without a valid  email address, you will not be able to enter a student as a member in the National FBLA membership system.

Where to Pay State and National Dues

You will pay all state and national dues to National FBLA;  you will not pay your dues to Pennsylvania FBLA.  You will be able to generate your own invoice for dues to submit to your school’s business office for payment.

You will be able to pay by check or by credit card (immediately); there is no convenience fee for using a credit card through the National FBLA website.

PA FBLA will have access to your membership data through the National FBLA website, and National FBLA will forward your state dues to Pennsylvania at the end of each month.

All state and national dues will be sent to the National FBLA lockbox.  All state and national membership dues are sent to the following address:

by check
National Membership Dues
Payable to: FBLA-PBL
PO Box 79063
Baltimore, MD 21279

by credit card
pay directly on the National FBLA membership site

Click Here for the W-9 Form for Your School System Business Office for National FBLA

State Leadership Workshop

Registration for the PA FBLA State Leadership Workshop will be temporarily delayed until we are certain that National FBLA is accepting memberships and that data is importing correctly into our conference management system, Blue Panda.  Students must be entered into the National FBLA membership system before any student can be registered for the State Leadership Workshop.  You can expect a 24-hour delay from the time the students are entered into the membership system; membership orders are created by advisers; and the data is imported into Blue Panda.  There is no need to rush as SLW registration is open until October 1.

FBLA advisers and FBLA middle-level advisers have or will establish their own password for the National FBLA website.  Your password from the 2021-22 will still be active.  If you don’t know your password, you can reset what may be set and establish a permanent password.  No one in Pennsylvania FBLA can see your password, nor will it be a common password.  You will establish your own password known only to you.

Need help?  Contact Bruce Boncal at bboncal@pafbla.us or call 570.279.6998 (cell/texts).

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State Leadership Workshop
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State Leadership Conference Registration
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