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February 05-11, 2023: FBLA Week Planning Guide/Information

National FBLA Week Website

FBLA Week Daily Themes:
February 05:  Sunday Spotlight
February 06:  Motivational Monday
February 07:  Tuesday Talks
February 08:  Work Wednesday
February 09:  Thoughtful Thursday
February 10:  Fundraising Friday
February 11:  Spirit Saturday

Race to FBLA Week — Chapter Challenge
January 07-31, 2023 at 11:59 pm
FBLA Week is around the corner – get ready by completing challenges that will prepare you for the week! Compete as a chapter to win prizes. Team names must be formatted as ‘Chapter Name – State’.
Search for the Event Using Your Division’s Code:
Middle School: 1GMP5Z
High School: 7ZQ4PK
Collegiate: LK65BQ

2023 FBLA Week — Individual Challenge
February 05-11, 2023 at 11:59 pm
Earn points by participating in FBLA Week to climb the leaderboard. Prizes will be awarded to the top individual participants. Participants must use their full name to win a prize.
Search for the Event Using Your Division’s Code:

Middle School: BL34G6
High School: 6DKRV6
Collegiate: EPMK9Q

Getting Started with Goosechase
Log on to Goosechase to complete missions leading up to FBLA Week as a chapter and throughout as an individual. Chapters that participate can earn a digital badge and digital certificate.

1. Download the Goosechase iOS or Android app.

2. Log in. New to Goosechase? Sign up for an account or play as a guest.

3. Search for the events by using the codes for your division in the information above. Once you find your Experience, click Let’s Go! 

4. Every chapter should create a team! Join your chapter’s team or create a team for your chapter. Only one team should be created per chapter!

5. Lastly, set yourself apart with a name and photo and click Save. Your name should be your ‘Chapter Name – State’ for “Race to FBLA Week” or your full name for “2023 FBLA Week.” Chapters and individuals that do not follow this instruction will not be eligible for awards.

Other PA FBLA Suggested FBLA Week Activities Aligned with the William Selden Outstanding Chapter Criteria
1.  Hold a Community Service Day during FBLA Week (OCC #59.0)
2.  Conduct FBLA Week activities not currently listed (OCC #60.0)
3.  Spotlight members via social media (OCC #60.1)
4.  Participate in National President’s Forum on Monday, February 6, 7:00 pm (OCC #60.2)
5.  Obtain an FBLA Week Proclamation (OCC #60.3)
6.  Promote FBLA to state and federal legislators (OCC #60.4)
7.  Have a “professional attire” day (OCC #061.0)
8.  Hold an adviser appreciation day (OCC #063.0)
9.  Conduct an FBLA Spirit Day (OCC #064.0)

Secure an FBLA Week Proclamation

If you wish to try and secure an FBLA Week Proclamation, here is suggested wording you might consider using the following wording.

You can reach out to your local municipalities (cities, townships, boroughs, etc.); your school boards; your county commissioners, etc.  What would be really great to see groups of chapters in the same county join together to seek a proclamation from the county commissioners and have representatives from the chapters present at the meeting where the proclamation will be approved.


WHEREAS, Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit educational organization whose first chapter was established in Johnson City, Tennessee, in 1942; and

WHEREAS, Pennsylvania’s first FBLA chapter was chartered at Blairsville High School in Indiana County in 1943; and

WHEREAS, Pennsylvania FBLA was officially chartered as a state chapter in 1952; and

WHEREAS, (Your School Name) officially chartered its FBLA local chapter on (insert date here/contact state office for charter date); and (contact the state office if you want your official charter date)

WHEREAS, Pennsylvania FBLA has grown now to encompass 9,000 members statewide and over 125,000 members and advisers nationwide in middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, career and technical schools, and private business schools; and

WHEREAS, FBLA-PBL is a professional business organization dedicated to bringing business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs; and

WHEREAS, members perform community service activities and strive to build a student’s understanding of the realities of the modern business world; and

WHEREAS, FBLA teaches middle school and high school students basic business and leadership principles; and assists in the transition from school to work;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, (insert official’s name and title here) (insert name of state, county, city, borough, township, school district here) do hereby proclaim February 05-11, 2023, as NATIONAL FBLA WEEK in the State of (      ) or County of (                 ) or City of (                                   ) or Borough of (              ) or Township of (                                   ) or School District of (   ).

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