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VSLC General Information

Submission Deadline:  March 1, 2021, no later than 11:59 pm.
Application Procedures PDF
Posted February 15, 2021

Pennsylvania FBLA, with the assistance of Cybis Communications, is seeking a talented vocalist to sing the national anthem a cappella during the 2021 PA FBLA SLC Virtual Awards of Excellence Program.

National Anthem Vocalist Audition Application:

Audition demos are currently being accepted now through Monday, March 01, 2021.  Candidates must meet the qualifications listed below:

Qualifications:  The vocalist must be a PA FBLA member and registered for the 2021 V-SLC.  If not already registered, you still have time.  Registration closes Friday, February 19, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

….. > The vocalist must be able to sing the national anthem in traditional style a cappella.
….. > All deadline dates must be met.

Below are the audition procedures that must be followed to sing the National Anthem during the 2021 Virtual State Leadership Conference Awards of Excellence Program.

Audition Procedures:

  1. Business attire or formalwear must be worn while recording your audition.
  2. Make a MP3 demo or YouTube video singing the national anthem a cappella.
    1. Audition may be recorded at home or at school (depending on your school’s policy)
  3. Upload the MP3 demo or provide the YouTube URL on the National Anthem Audition Application.   Click the link above to open the application.

Note:  If the audition in uploaded to YouTube, students will record their rendition of the national anthem using technologies such as cell phones, Zoom software, digital cameras, etc.  The final video for submission must be recorded from beginning to end without a break.  Upload to YouTube as “unlisted.”

  1. The RECEIVED deadline to submit the application is Monday, March 01, 2021, 11:59 p.mTeam Cybis will review all demos and videos.
  2. Team Cybis will notify the successful candidate by email no later than Friday, March 26, 2021.

Any questions about the audition process should be referred to Mrs. Janet Skiles, PA FBLA Conference Coordinator, at jskiles@pafbla.us.

The current pandemic health crisis has changed our lives in so many ways.  What we had taken for granted and normal and routine in our lives seem so far away and so long ago.  Short term, schools are still conducting classes virtually; more have come back to a hybrid status; and additional schools have returned to school in person after the holidays.  I can’t imagine any of us would not want our students and school district staff to return to a regular in-person instructional model, but those decisions at the local level must be dictated by local community conditions based on guidance from the Commonwealth.  If we are all thinking logically and keeping emotion out of the equation, we can surely see that no school system would be anxious to send its students and staff away for several days and mix with students and adults from all across the Commonwealth.  The health and safety of a school system’s students and staff AND the safety of its community are paramount.  We agree!  For PA FBLA, it is essential that we continue our programs virtually to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our members, advisers, staff, judges, event assistants, and other volunteers – as well as conference facility staff — who traditionally support our program.  Therefore, the 2021 State Leadership Conference will be conducted virtually.  Yes, there are glimmers of hope out there with vaccinations becoming available, but it just won’t be soon enough for this year.  Our hope is that we will see a return to normalcy for the 2021-2022 school year, and all of the leadership and competitive events programs will be back on schedule.

The PA FBLA Board of Directors took action now to move the conference from hybrid status to full virtual status to provide additional time for planning and rolling out a complete, robust, and interactive program.  There will be no travel to a central location.  Everything will be done at home and/or at school (if permitted).  In our decision making, we know there are restrictions on the numbers able to gather indoors AND the availability of our conference facilities to provide basic services such as serving meals to conference participants.  We know we are not out front in making this decision as National FBLA has already made the decision that the 2021 NLC, scheduled for Anaheim, California, will be in a virtual format.  We also know that most, if not all, of our sister CTSO organizations in Pennsylvania have moved to virtual state conferences.

We also know that there are PA FBLA regions with their competitive events program still in progress through the month of January; regions are not required to report their winners to the state office until January 29.

What We Do Know

There will definitely be an Awards Program on Tuesday night, April 13.  Everything else has to fall in place prior to that to meet that goal.

All events will be conducted virtually following nearly all of the guidelines we have used for the 2020 SLC and this year’s RLCs.  We also understand that advisers may or may not be permitted to fully involve themselves in the students’ preparation, recording, or submission of their projects.  While we prefer that all objective tests are done at school under the supervision of school staff, it may not be possible as administrators may not permit gatherings outside the traditional classroom.  If the tests must be taken at home, parental supervision is mandatory.  The virtual program is designed for students to be involved with minimal or no adviser involvement, and many of the events will be able to be completed at home.  The live, interactive events will be conducted by Zoom in the later afternoon or evening hours from home.

Here are basic details that you need to know:

V-SLC Registration
January 20 – February 12, 2021, no later than 11:59 pm.

Registration Fee:  $20 per student; there is no fee for adviser participation/chaperone participation.
Registration instructions will be emailed to everyone and posted in the V-SLC area of the website.
We will need FBLA advisers to register students through our online system.
All PA FBLA members may register for participation; there is no restriction on the number of students who may participate in the leadership programs.

Registration Payment
Payments can be made by schools, or they can be made directly by parents.  Full registration fee payments must be made by February 26, 2021.

PA FBLA will offer the same level and quality of awards that it always has, including plaques, certificates, pins, and more. Plaques will be delivered as they were last year – via regional pickups/drop-offs or shipped to all advisers for their students.

Leadership Development
There will be leadership development programs for students and professional development programs for advisers leading up to the V-SLC.  More to follow.

State Officer Elections
There will be state officer elections that will involve your students and your chapter’s voting delegates.

Competitive Events Program Schedule
The events program will culminate in a Virtual Awards Program on Tuesday night, April 13.  Whether the program will be live-streamed announcements or a pre-recorded stream, that is yet to be determined.  However, the program will be open to all students, advisers, parents, family, friends, community members, and other supporters.

Since every region is under Plan A, the attached schedule identifies who is eligible to participate in the competitive events program.  Your students need to know:  there is a definite path for competitive events participation from the region conferences to the state conference to the national conference.  Students have the ability to show their competitive skills with the hopes of being named the Top 10 in Pennsylvania and possibly the nation!

There will be some events in which students will need to be registered sooner than later.  Example:  the schools-site production tests, which will be distributed to advisers and administered by advisers (or parents, if necessary), may be administered sometime between February 8 and February 19.  Future Business Leader and Job Interview resumes/letters must be uploaded by February 12.

There will also be additional “open” opportunities for students, which will be announced later.

Full Competitive Events Schedule
SLC Plan A Eligibility Document

The following are key dates in the competitive events process:
January 16 – Chapter events submission deadline
January 29 – Announcement of state-only event events finalists (see full schedule document)
January 29 – Final date for regions to identify their RLC winners

February 05 – Announcement of chapter events finalists (see full schedule document)
February 08-19 – School-site production tests administration window (see full schedule document)
February 12 – Upload deadline for interview events (see full schedule document)
February 21 – Chapter event submission deadline (see full schedule document)
February 23 – Upload deadline for school-site production tests (see full schedule document)

March 02 – Announcement of chapter event finalist (see full schedule document)
March 03-10 – Online objective tests (see full schedule document)
March 10 – Prepared speaking events video submission deadline (see full schedule document)
March 10 – State-only events video submission deadline (see full schedule document)
March 10 – Chapter events video submission deadline (see full schedule document)
March 11-14 – Preliminary round for live performance events (see full schedule document)
March 13-16 – Preliminary round for interview events (see full schedule document)
March 15-25 – Final round performances for certain events (see full schedule document)
March 21 – Chapter event video submission deadline (see full schedule document)
March 25-26 – Final round for interview events (see full schedule document)
March 26-27 – Final round for live performance events (see full schedule document)

March 29-April 07 – Online objective tests (see full schedule document)

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