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2020 State Leadership Conference Information

Welcome to your one-stop location for information on the 2020 State Leadership Conference.  Please check this space regularly for SLC updates.

SLC Registration Opens:  Monday, December 09, 8:00 am
SLC Lodging Opens:  Monday, December 09, 8:00 am
If it opens earlier, an email announcement will be made.

Step-by-Step Registration Tutorial
—->Eligible Registration Categories per Chapter
Step-by-Step Lodging Tutorial

Attendance Eligibility
2020 SLC Eligibility Guidelines

Tentative Competitive Events Schedule updated 01.16.2020  changes from original post are identified in red

Financial Information
2020 SLC Pricing Chart
—->Registration:  $85 per person (advisers, students, guests/chaperones)
—->Sunday Lodging:  $190 per room (not per person)
—->Plan A:   2 nights, 5-meals package, per person (see pricing chart)
—->Plan B:   2 nights, lodging-only package, person (see pricing chart)
—->Plan C:   Commuter status/commuter fee ($20 per person for commuters)
——–>SLC Commuter Submission Form
—->Plan D:   Special one-night pricing/special accommodations, per person (see pricing chart) (contact Janet Skiles for proposal)
—->SLC Refund Policy
——–>Online Refund Request Form
—->SLC Payment Options for Chapters and Individuals
—->SLC Chapter Payment Plan Form
—->SLC Parent Online Request to Pay by Credit Card or ACH

SLC Documents
01.  Student Permission/Emergency Form (1 form per student)
02.  Adviser/Guest/Chaperone Emergency Form (1 form per adviser/guest/chaperone)
03.  “Accompanying Form” with Administrator Contact Information (1 form per chapter)
04.  Hotel Safety Guidelines (1 form per adviser, guest, and chaperone)
05.  Delegate Code of Conduct
06.  Adviser Guidelines
07.  Student Guidelines
08.  Special Needs Online Submission Form (includes physical, dietary needs, and academic accommodations)

Special Needs Competitive Events Policy:
If there are specific testing/performance modifications that need to be made for a student (such as extended time), a school official (principal, special education director) must attach a written request certifying that an accommodation is necessary, must identify the accommodation that must be made, and that the accommodation already exists in the student’s IEP.  The written request must be uploaded as a PDF file attached to this request.

SLC Applications Links and Procedures
01.  Hospitality Internship Application Procedures
—->Hospitality Internship Online Application

02.  National Anthem Vocalist Application Procedures
—->National Anthem Vocalist Online Application

03.  Cybis Production Internship Application Procedures
—->Cybis Production Internship Online Application

04.  Job Shadowing/Internship Application Procedures for Grade 11 Members
—->Job Shadowing/Internship Online Application for Grade 11 Members

SLC Policies/Procedures:
Chapters may make changes in competitors until February 1, 2020.  If a student drops and will no longer participate in the competitive events program at the SLC, the chapter adviser must notify the region adviser.  It is the region adviser’s responsibility to notify the adviser of the next competitor’s eligibility to attend the SLC.

If a chapter is eligible for members at large to attend the SLC based on chapter membership, it is the chapter adviser’s responsibility to apply for permission for those members to attend.  Complete the following online form and wait for approval from Kristi Ryland, State Adviser:  https://pafbla.wufoo.com/forms/qqi6c4u1o1671c/

Once chapters submit registration and lodging requests, separate invoices for registration and lodging will be sent to chapter advisers by email.  This invoice should be used by school systems to process payment.

Schools may submit payment by school check, personal check, money order, bank transfer/ACH, and credit card.  Cash will not be accepted; cash should not be mailed.  Schools may submit a purchase order to cover costs, but full payment is due by the published deadline.  Chapters may also submit a “Chapter Payment Plan” option which will spread out and defer required payments.

Full SLC registration payment must be postmarked no later than January 20, 2020.
Full SLC lodging payment must be postmarked no later than January 31, 2020.
Exceptions:  purchase orders, chapter payment plans (must abide by published dates).

PA FBLA will be able to email invoices directly to parents for their child’s portion of their SLC expenses so that they may pay directly by credit card or bank transfer.  If that is an option, please complete the following online form.  Their payments will be credited to your chapter’s account.

A chapter’s lodging priority is established by the 1st submission date of the lodging forms.  Updates may be made to registration and lodging without changing a chapter’s “place in line.”  A chapter will lose its place in line if:
1.  lodging payment is not postmarked by January 31, 2020.
2.  Purchase order is not emailed/postmarked by January 31, 2020.
3.  Chapter payment plan is not submitted by January 31, 2020 (may be revised as necessary).

PA FBLA will not seek roommates for advisers/guests/chaperones or students, nor will PA FBLA arbitrarily place individuals in rooms to maximize a room.  If a chapter wishes to have roommates for advisers or students, the chapter must make its own arrangements with other schools and place that information on the appropriate lodging form.  The “place in line” date for a chapter sharing with other schools is based on the latest initial submission date of the sharing chapters.  For example, if Chapter A (12/03) wants to share with Chapter B (12/10) and Chapter C (12/20), all three chapters’ place in line would be determined by Chapter C’s 12/20 submission deadline, not Chapter A’s 12/03 deadline.

SLC Important Dates
December 03 — SLC School-site Test Form Available

Chapter SLC School-site Test Request Form Link
Required to identify school-site test administrator for the following tests:  Computer Applications, Database Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, Word Processing

December 06 — State-only Events Submission Deadline
See PA FBLA website for Event Entry Forms for the following events:
(1) 3D Animation, (2) American Enterprise Project, (3) Business Financial Plan, (4) Business Plan, (5) Coding & Programming, (6) Community Service Project, (7) Computer Game & Simulation Programming, (8) Digital Video Production, (9) E-business, (10) Electronic Career Portfolio, (11) Mobile Application Development, (12) Partnership with Business Project, (13) Public Service Announcement, (14) Website Design

January 17 — Chapter “Member at Large” Application Submission Deadline
Chapter “Member at Large” Application Submission Form Link

January 18 — State-only Events Finalists — Final Notification Deadline

January 20 — SLC Lodging Forms Submissions Deadline
January 20 — Last Day for a Full SLC Registration Refund

FBLA SLC Registration Refund Form Link
January 20 — Chapter Payment Plan Form Deadline
FBLA SLC “Chapter Payment Plan” Submission Form Link

January 21 — SLC Regular Registration Deadline Begins — $110 Per Conference Attendee

January 31 — SLC Lodging Payment Postmark Deadline
January 31 — Last Day for a Full SLC Lodging Refund

FBLA SLC Lodging Refund Form Link

February 01 — SLC School-site Testing Window Begins
February 01 — Last Day for Competitive Events Changes

Advisers may make additions/drops in competitive events through their region adviser.  Only drops will be accepted starting February 2.
February 01 — SLC Adviser Miscellaneous Duty Submission
Adviser/Guest/Chaperone SLC Miscellaneous Duty Selection Form Link
February 01 — SLC Adviser/Guest/Chaperone Competitive Events Duties Submission Deadline
Adviser/Guest/Chaperone SLC Competitive Events Duties Selection Form Link

February 06 — Future Business Leader/Job Interview Materials Submission Deadlines
Future Business Leader Materials Submission Form Link
Job Interview Materials Submission Form Link

February 10 — SLC Hospitality Intern Submission Deadline
FBLA SLC Hospitality Intern Submission Form Link
Application Procedures Document Link to be posted
February 10 — SLC Cybis Multimedia Intern Submission Deadline

SLC Multimedia Intern Application/Submission Form Link
Application Procedures Document to be posted
February 10 — SLC National Anthem Singer Submission Deadline
SLC National Anthem Singer Application/Submission Form Link

Application Procedures Document to be posted
February 10 — SLC Grade 11 Conference Management Job Shadowing/Intern Opportunity
SLC Grade 11 Conference Management Job Shadowing/Intern Application/Submission Form Link

Application Procedures Document to be posted

February 18 — SLC School-site Testing Window Ends

February 19 — SLC School-site Files Online Submission Deadline
FBLA SLC “Computer Applications” Files Online Submission Form Link
FBLA SLC “Database Applications” Files Online Submission Form Link
FBLA SLC “Spreadsheet Applications” Files Online Submission Form Link
FBLA SLC “Word Processing” Files Online Submission Form Link

February 20 — SLC Plaques Sponsorship Deadline (for OCC credit)

February 21 — Local Chapter Annual Business Report Submission Deadline
LCABR Report Submission Form Link

March 01 — SLC Special Needs/Dietary Needs Form Deadline
SLC Special Needs/Dietary Needs Form Link

March 09 — Final Payment Deadline for SLC Purchase Orders

March 16 — SLC Hersheypark Ticket Order Deadline (if Hersheypark is open)
Hersheypark Ticket Order Form Submission Link
March 16 — SLC Shirt Order Deadline
SLC Shirt Order Form Link
March 16 — SLC Emergency Forms Deadline
Student Emergency Form (1 per student)
Adviser/Guest/Chaperone Emergency Form (1 per adviser/guest/chaperone)
Accompanying Form with Contact Information (1 per chapter)
Hotel/Safety Guidelines (1 per adviser/guest/chaperone) to be posted
Delegate Code of Conduct (1 per student) to be posted

March 20 — SLC Regular Registration Deadline Ends — $110 Per Conference Attendee

March 21 —  SLC Tier 3 Registration Deadline — $135 Per Conference Attendee Begins

March 22 — FBLA PA — Last Day for SLC 50% Registration/Lodging/Commuter Fee Refunds
SLC 50% Refund Request Form
March 22 — SLC “Breakfast to Go” Order Deadline

SLC “Breakfast to Go” Order Form Link
March 22 — Deadline for Parent Ticket Orders/Payments for Awards Program Attendance at the SLC
Online order form will be posted.

March 23 — SLC App Available for Download
Details will be posted on the PA FBLA website, by direct email, and by social media regarding download procedures.

March 26 — Chapter Payment Plan — Final Payment Deadline

March 27 — SLC “Hersheypark” Payment Postmark Deadline

March 29 — SLC “Breakfast to Go” Payment Postmark Deadline

March 30 — Day 1 State Leadership Conference Monday Performance Schedules Posted

April 05 — SLC Registration Desk Open 7:00-9:00 pm

April 06 — FBLA PA — State Project Contributions Final Deadline for SLC Awards
Money may be turned in at the state office.
Deadline:  12:00 noon for consideration for awards at Opening General Session.

April 06 — FBLA PA — SLC Campaign Rally Broadcast Live
Link to Broadcast:  www.thinkcybis.com/pafbla-live
6:30 pm to 7:45 pm (tentative)
April 06 — FBLA PA — Opening General Session Broadcast Live
Link to Broadcast:  www.thinkcybis.com/pafbla-live
8:30 pm – 10:15 pm (tentative)

April 07 — FBLA PA — Awards Program Broadcast Live
Link to Broadcast:  www.thinkcybis.com/pafbla-live
7:00 pm – 10:30 pm (tentative)

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