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Scholarship Program Details

Pennsylvania FBLA is proud to offer its members academic scholarships made possible through the FBLA approved post-secondary schools listed below.  This year, 14 schools offered scholarships to PA FBLA senior members.

Scholarships available to 2019 graduates will be announced this fall.  Class of 2019 students should review the list published in September and send a letter indicating your intent to apply for a scholarship to the contact person listed for the school.  That school will provide you with all necessary materials to apply for its scholarship; there are no other materials required by PA FBLA to be submitted.  The individual schools are responsible for the selection of the scholarship recipients.

The received by deadline for the 2019 William Selden Scholarships will be in February 2019.  Refer to the PA FBLA scholarship information on for specific details about each scholarship.

PA FBLA thanks the following schools for their generous participation in the 2019 scholarship program:

Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg --
$1,000 scholarship to BU College of Business freshman who has been active in FBLA
$1,000 scholarship to BU College of Business freshman who is in the National Business Honor Society

Central Pennsylvania College, Summerdale --
$1,000 scholarship to all eligible students to be applied toward the first three terms of full-time study

Goldey-Beacom College, Wilmington, Delaware --
$1,500 non-renewable scholarship for full-time study

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana --
One $500 scholarship for incoming freshman in Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

Johnson and Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island --
One $1,000 scholarship renewable up to four years
One $1,200 scholarship renewable up to four years
One $1,500 scholarship renewable up to four years

Mount Aloysius College, Cresson --
Ten $1,000 renewable scholarships up to a maximum of four years

Penn Commercial Business/Technical School, Washington --
Two 30% tuition scholarships

Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport --
Three $1,000 scholarships for full-time students in Business/Computer Technologies

South Hills School of Business & Technology, State College --
One $500 annual renewable scholarship for full-time technology

St. Francis University, Loretto --
Five (5) $1,000 scholarships ($4,000 over 4 years) to active FBLA members and five (5) $1,500 scholarships ($6,000 over 4 years) to FBLA officers.  These scholarships are renewable up to 4 years and the candidates must demonstrate some financial need.

Pennsylvania FBLA William Selden Scholarships --
Fifteen scholarships

Applicants must (1) be seniors; (2) complete the PA FBLA Who's Who in PA FBLA Criteria; (3) complete the FUTURE level of the national Business Achievement Awards.

RECEIVED BY deadline to PA FBLA:  February 21, 2019

1 scholarship:    $1,500
1 scholarship:    $1,000
1 scholarship:    $750
7 scholarships:  $500
4 scholarships:  $250

Scholarships will be announced at the 2019 State Leadership Conference.
Applicants may apply for their scholarship funds upon completion of their first semester of post-secondary study.
Applicants must maintain a 2.0 GPA.
Applicants must provide an "official" transcript.
Deadline for requests for scholarship disbursements will be June 2020 for scholarships announced at the April 2019 State Leadership Conference; otherwise, the scholarship will be forfeited.

To receive a disbursement of the funds, the scholarship recipient must:
1.  Send a letter to Bruce Boncal, PA FBLA Executive Director, requesting the scholarship.
2.  The letter must include:  (1) to whom the check should be made payable; (2) the address where the check is to be mailed; (3) the applicant's mailing address, phone number, and email address.
3.  A copy of the post-secondary institution's "official" transcript.

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