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March 1, 2016-February 28, 2017

The Goal:  33,000 Community Service Hours Annually
99,000 Community Service Hours from March 1, 2016, to February 28, 2019

Community service is one of the core goals of FBLA, and it should be a focus of all chapters and all members. PA FBLA’s Big 33 program is designed to recognize chapters and members for the volunteer hours they have committed in school and in the community.

Members who participate in the Big 33 program are encouraged to participate in and submit hours for the national Community Service Awards program.  The link to the national CSA program is:

Big 33 Guidelines
1. Community service hours may be claimed between March 1, 2016, and February 28, 2017.

2. Only hours for which the volunteer is unpaid may be claimed.

3. Volunteer hours may be claimed for service performed in the schools and in the community.

4. All hours must be recorded monthly on the online form found at this link:

5. All forms must be submitted to the state office monthly.

6. The maximum number of hours able to be claimed in one day is 24. No longer will generic items such as “Summer of 2016” be acceptable.

7. See the document titled “examples of service activities” for ideas on the type of activities that can be claimed for the Big 33 club.

Levels of Chapter Recognition
PA FBLA will present four types of awards to chapters, and these awards are based on the collective number of hours submitted by members of the local chapter.

Bronze Award Certificate: 1,000 to 2,300 hours of service
Silver Award Certificate: 2,301 to 3,550 hours of service
Gold Award Certificate: 3,551 to 4,750 hours of service
Platinum Award Certificate: 4,751 or more hours

In addition, certificates will be presented to the Top 10 chapters with the most community service hours during the business session at the State Leadership Conference.

All chapters achieving the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum levels certificates—will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference.

Levels of Member Recognition
PA FBLA will recognize all members who complete at least three hours of community service during the March 1, 2016, through February 28, 2017; the March 1, 2017 through February 28, 2018; and the March 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019, time period. The recognition members receive will be:

1. All participating members will be awarded a certificate of recognition and a letter of commendation.

2. Members who achieve top 10 status will be recognized at the State Leadership Conference, but it will not automatically entitle a member to qualify to attend the State Leadership Conference.

Big 33 Overview/Examples

 Big 33 Community Service Overview (please read)
 Big 33 Community Service Examples (please read)

Big 33
Individual Award Winners -- 2015-16
Name School Place Hours
Ying Ling Lian Fleetwood Area High School First 2874.00
Ella Sweet Daniel Boone High School Second 707.00
Casey Pauley Waynesboro Area High School Third 353.50
Hailey Bradley Claysburg-Kimmel High School Fourth 321.75
Cindy Li Delaware Valley High School Fifth 281.50
Shane Fagan Delaware Valley High School Sixth 272.50
Taylor Codispoti Jersey Shore Junior High School Seventh 264.00
Kendra White Jersey Shore Senior HIgh School Eighth 247.50
Taylor Naugle Waynesboro Area High School Ninth 245.00
Trisha Bhatt Daniel Boone High School Tenth 235.50

Big 33
Chapter Award Winners -- 2015-16
Adviser Name School Place Hours
Caroline Tassone Waynesboro Area High School First 4455.25
Kelly Ackerman Fleetwood Area High School Second 4123.50
Maura Angle Delaware Valley High School Third 3524.50
Steve Walter Claysburg-Kimmel High School Fourth 1551.75
Wendy Sweet Daniel Boone High School Fifth 1132.50
Kathy Sickler Stroudsburg High School Sixth 1091.25
Dolly Oden Jersey Shore Area High School Seventh 1078.25
Mary Cole Sayre Area High School Eighth 843.00
Melissa McDonald Chestnut Ridge High School Ninth 736.25
Jessica Mini Haverford High School Tenth 660.75


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