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Use the links below to complete the items for the 2018-19 PA FBLA Middle Level Outstanding Chapter Criteria.

Items in GREEN are items that are quick, easy, and simple to complete.  Start with these items – all chapters can submit these.

Items in ORANGE are items that require the submission of something else and then you will complete this item (i.e. competitive events, reports, etc.).

Items in PURPLE are related to conferences/workshops/meetings attended and items associated with these events.

Items in RED take the most time to complete simply based on what needs to be submitted in order to claim these points.  Some chapters are already doing these activities, so don’t just count out these items!

Item 001 -- membership paid by October 20
----->click here for membership promotion video

Item 002 -- membership increased or maintained -- quick and easy
----->click here for Membership Incentive  program information

Item 003 -- received visitors or traveled to promote FBLA

Item 004 -- installed new chapters

Item 005 -- 100% Class Participation Award
----->100% Class Participation Award Application 
----->(online form deadline April 1, 2019)

Item 008 -- national Membership Achievement Award
----->Membership Achievement Form (online form deadline April 1, 2019)

Item 009 -- State and National Local Market Share Award
----->State Market Share Award Form (deadline February 6, 2019 to state office)
----->National Market Share Award Form (deadline March 1, 2019 to national office)

Item 010 -- Local Recruitment of Chapters Award
----->Local Recruitment of Chapters Award Form (deadline May 8, 2019)

Item 011 -- Professional Division members
----->Professional Division Application Form

Item 012 -- letters to 9-12 business/business-related teachers

Item 013 -- letters to 9-12 school administrators

Item 014 -- letters to middle-level business/business-related teachers
----->click middle level menu on main page of web site

Item 015 -- letters to middle-level school administrator

Item 016 -- articles published in school/city newspaper

Item 017 -- participation in TV/radio program

Item 018 -- articles for Penn Pal
Penn Pal Online Submission Form

Item 019 -- articles for Tomorrow's Business Leader
----->submit articles to: 

Item 021 -- articles published in Tomorrow's Business Leader

Item 022 -- chapter web site, Facebook, Twitter

Item 023 -- Adviser Wall of Fame nominee
----->Adviser Wall of Fame Form (deadline May 1, 2019)

Item 024 -- chapter meetings

Item 025 -- guest speakers

Item 026 -- FBLA/business-oriented field trips

Item 027 -- present a workshop at RLW/RLC

Item 028 -- present a workshop at SLW/SLC

Item 029 -- present a workshop at NFLC/NLC

Item 030 -- participation in PA FBLA partnership

Item 031 -- participation in national projects

Item 032 -- work toward National Chapter Excellence Award

Item 037 -- leadership track completed at SLW

Item 038 -- Institute for Leaders track completed at NLC

Item 039 -- Big 33 form submitted
----->click here for more information on Big 33 (forms/overview)

Item 040 -- National Community Service
------>click here for information on National Community Service (overview)

Item 041 -- adviser on National BOD or NAP Committee

Item 042 -- PA Board of Directors members

Item 043 -- raised funds for state project (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society))

Item 044 -- service project for state project (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
----->click here for the service project form

Item 045 -- submitted state project proposal for consideration
----->click here for the online submission form (deadline March 2, 2019)

Item 046-- participated in American Enterprise Day

Item 047 -- participated in Stock Market Game

Item 048 -- participated in national Community Service Day

Item 049-- participated in FBLA-PBL Week activities

Item 050 -- participated in national Professional Attire Day

Item 051 -- participated in national Career Awareness Day

Item 052 -- participated in FBLA Adviser Appreciation Day

Item 053 -- participated in national FBLA Each One Reach One Day

Item 054 -- participated in national FBLA Spirit Day

Item 055 -- cooperated with a civic organization

Item 056 -- conducted a chapter initiated project

Item 057-- submitted Businessperson/Business Partnership of the Year

Item 058-- conducted activity with High School FBLA Chapter and/or Phi Beta Lambda

Item 059 -- secured SLC trophy sponsor

Item 060 -- donated to Selden Scholarship Fund

Item 061 -- used a national fundraising project

Item 062-- attended the National Leadership Conference

Item 063 -- attended the State Leadership Workshop

Item 064 -- attended the National Fall Leadership Conference

Item 065 -- attended the Region Leadership Workshop

Item 066 -- attended the Region Leadership Conference

Item 067 -- attended the Region Advisers Summit

Item 068 -- attended the New Chapter Advisers Summit

Item 069 -- hosted an RLW and/or RLC

Item 070 -- attended an RLW and/or RLC planning meeting

Item 071 -- submitted an American Enterprise Project
----->click here for guidelines on completing an AE project
click here for AEP online submission form

Item 073 -- submitted a Community Service Project
----->click here for guidelines on completing a CS project
----->click here for CS online submission form

Item 074 -- submitted a Partnership with Business Project
----->click here for guidelines on completing a PWB project
----->click here for PWB online submission form

Item 075 -- submitted an Outstanding Middle Level Adviser Application
----->click here for the Outstanding Adviser Information
click here for the Outstanding Adviser Online Submission Form

Item 076 -- submitted an Outstanding Middle Level Member Application
----->click here for the Outstanding Member Information
----->click here for the Outstanding Member Online Submission Form

Item 077 -- submitted an Outstanding Middle Level Supporter Application
----->click here for the Outstanding Supporter Information
----->click here for the Outstanding Supporter Online Submission Form

Item 078 -- received a Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit

Item 079 -- 2017-18 State winners

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