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For this second part of this project chapters are plan and conduct a “Go Green Project” of their choice (they may either expand upon one of the activities in Part I or plan another project) and following the completion of the project, prepare a 500 word summary. Projects must include both a service and an educational component and must promote environmental awareness.
 Please attach the project report to this document.
 Report Guidelines:
 1. The report must be keyed in the order of the questions listed in the Report Format section.
 2. The report must describe an activity concerning the environment that was conducted during the school year.
 3. The report should be no more than five pages including any appendices.
 Report Format:
 The report will consist of questions and answers. Key the following questions followed by comments and descriptions.
 1. Describe the chapter’s “Go Green” project.
 2. State the purpose and the goals of the project. The purpose and goals should be keyed as bullets.
 3. Describe how the chapter chose this project as a “Go Green” environmental activity.
 4. Describe the steps that chapter members used to plan and develop the project.
 5. Describe how the chapter completed the project.
 6. Describe why this project is unique.
 7. Explain the benefits and impact this project had on the school or community.
 8. Explain and give evidence of how the project was publicized by attaching at least one article or flyer.
 9. You may incorporate pictures into the report and must include at least one scanned photo.


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