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PROGRESS (Complete 3 activities. The first one is required.)

Activity 13
Required. Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2010. Upload an outline of the activities and include a press release with at least one digital or scanned photo.

Activity 14
Organize "Walking/Wheeling Wednesdays", which encourages walking or riding a bike to school. Upload a completed copy of the project report form.

Activity 15
Wear green and/or brown. Have chapter members dress in environmental colors for the day. Have them create badges that say, "Think Tree". Upload a copy of a press release a scanned copy of one of the badges.

Activity 16
Have FBLA chapter members write an "individual environmental promise" i.e. (turn lights off when not in room) on a leaf cut-out. Display cut-outs on a bulletin board. Upload a scanned or digital copy of the bulletin board and include a copy of one member’s promise.

Activity 17
Contact a local grocery store and ask if FBLA members can decorate paper grocery bags with "Go Green Tips and Slogans". Scan and upload a copy of one of the decorated bags.

Activity 18
Have members used recycled materials to build a life-sized sculpture on a designated day. When the event is over, have volunteers form lines and recycle the materials. Upload a scanned or digital photo and an article for Tomorrow’s Business Leader.


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