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State Officer Biographies

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Logan Dubll
PA FBLA President
"The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing." This is a quote that your PA FBLA State President, Logan Dubil, lives by day by day, and he cannot wait to see all of the accomplishments that are achieved this year.

Logan will be a senior at North Penn High School throughout his second term in PA FBLA office. Aside from being State President, he also serves as North Penn's President. In the past, he has had experience as Chapter Reporter and State Vice President at Large. With all of his experience with FBLA, he is determined to meet all of the goals set by the state of Pennsylvania. To do this, he plans on allocating his time to travel to numerous chapters across the state, whether that being to speak to the members or to attend fundraisers, so if you have any interest in him visiting your chapter, do not hesitate to contact him. From a competitive stand point, Logan has made it to states in 2018, competing in public speaking. He also has participated in the outstanding chapter program along with the membership madness program and has succeeded with fundraising. 

On a personal note, Logan keeps himself busy when not working on FBLA assignments. He has been a runner for over 5 years, competing in cross country and track since the fourth grade. Logan also enjoys volunteering at his local food shelter and other places around his community.

Here are some quick fun facts that he would like you to know about him. His favorite TV show is "This Is Us". His favorite movie is Big Daddy. His favorite book is "Great Gatsby". His favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio. Last but not least, he is determined to make this year the best yet.

Logan is looking forward to serve as your next president, and is excited to see where we will go this upcoming year. 


Maxwell Ferguson
PA FBLA First Vice President
Max Ferguson is honored to serve as your PA FBLA First Vice President on the 18-19 State Officer Team. He is a high school student at Jersey Shore Senior High School in Region 7, who loves meeting new people and going to FBLA conferences. Besides being on the State Officer Team, Max is also Region 7’s President and an Executive Member of his high school’s FBLA chapter.

Outside of FBLA he participates in many school extra-curriculars, such as Cross Country, Track, Model UN, Mock Constitutional Convention, Choir/Select Choir, and Musical. He is also 2020 Class Co-President. Max enjoys running, hiking, fishing, hunting, and playing guitar, violin and singing. Max is extremely excited to be a part of this year’s State Officer Team, and can’t wait to see what amazing things they can accomplish for this great organization.


Jack Monte
PA FBLA Secretary

Jack Monte, a senior at Wallenpaupack Area High School, is pumped to be your State Secretary. After not qualifying for his event in FBLA as a Freshman, he was determined to work his way up the FBLA ladder, and the rest is history. He is current a member of the National Honor Society, Student Council, and The WHS Morning News Show. Along with that he is a member of amazing Cross Country and Track and Field teams which consist of not only the best coaches around, but also the hardest working and most dedicated athletes one could find. 

When not in his business suit you can find him working as a lifeguard at Woodloch Springs, in the weight room lifting, hanging out with his friends, or outside running or hiking on pretty much any surface. 


Cindy Liu
PA FBLA Treasurer

Cindy Liu, a student at Beaver Area High school, is honored to serve as the 2018-2019 PA FBLA State Treasurer. Cindy has always been interested in business and immediately signed up for FBLA when it was offered at her local school. After 2018 NLC, she will be attending Iacocca Global Entrepreneurship Intensive at Lehigh University as she continues her interest in business.

Cindy is involved in her local church and will serve as a member on the Leadership Team at First Presbyterian Church in Beaver, PA. Cindy plays tennis on the Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team at Beaver, and she plays violin on the school orchestra team. Ever since when she was young, she showed an extraordinary interest in numbers, mathematics, etc.

In the future, Cindy hopes to travel to many known cities (e.g. London, Paris, Tokyo). She also wants to attend Harvard University for her undergraduate and MBA degree. After college, Cindy wants work in the leading financial center of the world, the Wall Street. Her favorite quote is “After all, isn’t a goal without a plan just a dream?” Cindy hopes to represent FBLA to help you achieve your goals!


Madison Becker
PA FBLA Reporter

Madison Becker, a senior at Littlestown High School, is honored to serve as your 2018-2019 PA FBLA State Reporter. Madison has been an active member of FBLA since her freshman year and her love for the organization has only grown since then. She has competed at three SLCs so far and was a national qualifier for Introduction to Business Communication in 2017. In addition to serving as your state reporter, Madison serves as her local chapter’s Vice President and Community Service Chairperson as well as the Region 6 Secretary. 

Outside of FBLA, Madison is a member of National Honor Society-an organization that has furthered her appreciation for community service and giving back. She is also a member of student council, serving as Littlestown’s student body historian and historian of her graduating class.



Michael Baker
PA FBLA VP at Large #1

Michael Baker, a junior at Claysburg-Kimmel High School, is honored to be a part of the 2018-2019 PA FBLA State Officer team. Serving as State Vice President at Large, Michael has high expectations for this year’s FBLA student body. Michael has been an active member of FBLA for 3 years, along with being involved in other clubs in his school. Michael is class president at his high school, and is a member of the Scholastic Scrimmage team, plays on the basketball team, and is his school’s mascot – “Baker the Bulldog.”  

Within FBLA, Michael has accumulated a sizeable list of accomplishments. He completed the Future and Business levels of the BAA awards, completed the Community level of the CSA awards, and helped his chapter win several awards at the SLC.  During the 2016-2017 school year, Michael and his dodgeball team, the “Blazin Bulldogs” won the dodgeball tournament at the 2016 State Leadership Workshop in Harrisburg, PA. He has placed 2nd and 3rd in his competitive events at the 2017 and 2018 SLCs. Michael has attended two State Leadership Workshops, two State Leadership Conferences, and two National Leadership Conferences.

Being the youngest of three sons, Michael’s brothers and parents have been his biggest supporters and motivators in reaching his goals. Michael believes that FBLA is going to change his life, and with FBLA he believes he can help to change the lives of others. Michael is ready to create, lead, and inspire Pennsylvania FBLA, and with the 2018-2019 state officers, he plans to do just that.


Maxwell Schwabe
PA FBLA VP at Large #2

Maxwell is extremely excited to be serving on the 2018-2019 State Officer team as your 2nd Vice President at Large. He is a sophomore at Marian Catholic High School and serves as region 23 secretary. Maxwell enjoys serving others, and being so, he has been involved in numerous school activities and has done hundreds of community service hours.

Besides FBLA, he is involved in Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and is a Student Ambassador. Maxwell also enjoys spending time with his family and friends. When he is not in his FBLA suit, you can find him running with his friends on the cross country team, and is a part of his school’s baseball team. Maxwell is excited to meet and work with students that have the same passion for FBLA that he does, he is ready for a fantastic year.


Ezra Tetreault
PA FBLA VP at Large #3

Ezra Moses Tetreault, your Vice President at Large 3, is hype for the opportunity to serve on the 2018-2019 state officer team. Ezra felt a strong connection to FBLA right from the start. At the 2017 NLC in Anaheim, he realized his calling for a significant leadership role within the organization. As an officer, one of Ezra’s leadership goals is to get PA members and future members excited for all of the things that FBLA has to offer.

As a junior at Western Wayne High School, Ezra is a varsity athlete for the football and track and field teams. When not on the field, Ezra is an active member of the National Honor Society and serves as his class president. A fun fact about Ezra - he lives in a cornfield - that must be where his love for sweet country music comes from!

Ezra is outgoing and can strike up a conversation with people of all ages and interests. He is not afraid to stand up before a crowd and represent an idea or group.  Ezra is hoping to meet and network with his fellow FBLA members, so don’t be afraid to approach him, look him up, or reach out on Instagram.

Sanjana Shanbhag
PA FBLA Parliamentarian

Sanjana Shanbhag is thrilled to be serving as your 2018-2019 state parliamentarian! Sanjana is a junior at the Downingtown STEM Academy and has been an avid member of FBLA since her freshman year. She appreciates the unique experience it offers students at the middle, high school, and college levels. She has qualified for the national level in the event introduction to parliamentary procedure and hopes to achieve these same goals next year.

Sanjana has also been taking private piano lessons for the last eight years and has participated in the National Piano Teacher’s Guild Auditions for the past four. She has also been deemed a national winner in piano and loves to play classical and contemporary music. Sanjana also spends her time tutoring young students in math and enjoys working with numbers and logic. In school, Sanjana is a part of the National and Spanish Honor Societies and is an active member of Model UN and TSA. She hopes to expand upon her high school experience and make this year an unforgettable one for FBLA!

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