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Applying for State Office/Applying for National Office

updated 01.05.19

State Officer Application Deadlines

December 15, 2018 -- state officer/national officer online application materials RECEIVED BY deadline --
no later than 11:59 pm

January 06-12, 2019 -- state officer candidate podcast available
January 18, 2019 -- state officer candidate podcast response due by 9:00 pm

February 02, 2019 -- state mandatory officer candidate interviews, Hershey (option 1)
February 12, 2019 -- state officer candidate action plans due (option 1 group)

February 16, 2019 -- state mandatory officer candidate interview, Hershey (option 2)
February 26, 2019 -- state officer candidate action plans due (option 2 group)

March 10, 2019 -- state officer candidate campaign materials online submission deadline

April 07, 2019 -- mandatory state officer candidate/adviser briefing and approvals

The following are
REQUIRED dates/events that all candidates and their advisers must attend.
All dates and locations is the schedule listed below are subject to change.  Notification of changes
will be provided as soon as the information becomes available.

May 17-18, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting, Kalahari Resort, Pocono Manor
(President, First Vice President, and Respective Advisers only)

May 17-19, 2019

Executive Committee Meeting, Kalahari Resort, Pocono Manor

June 27-July 3, 2019

National Leadership Conference, San Antonio, Texas

November 2, 2019

Executive Committee Meeting (before SLW), Kalahari Resort, Pocono Manor

November 3-4, 2019

State Leadership Workshop, Kalahari Resort, Pocono Manor

November, 2019

National Fall Leadership Conference, location TBD
If the date for the  NFLC is in conflict with the SLW, PA FBLA will NOT provide funding for an officer to attend an NFLC.

The NFLC is mandatory when it is hosted by Pennsylvania.

When the NFLC is held outside of the Eastern Region, the officers’ adviser is responsible for the state officer’s supervision and arranging his/her lodging if they choose to attend on their own.  Any reimbursement will be based on the budgeted amount in the PA FBLA approved budget.

Current Posted NFLCs on the National FBLA Web Site:
Chicago, Illinois, November 2-3
Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 9-10
Charlotte, North Carolina, November 16-17

January 24-25, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting, Hershey
(President, First Vice President, and Respective Advisers only)

January 25-26, 2020

Executive Committee Meeting, Hershey

April 4-5, 2020

Executive Committee Meeting, Hershey

April 6-8, 2020

State Leadership Conference, Hershey


01.19  State Officer Candidate Podcast
01.19  State Officer Candidate Handbook
01.19  Link to Candidate/Candidate Adviser Podcast Response Form

State Officer Knowledge Exam (Candidates for President, First VP, National Office)
--------------->Coming soon.

01.19  State Officer Knowledge Exam (Candidates for Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Parliamentarian and Vice President at Large)
--------------->Coming soon.

01.19  State Officer Action Plan – Candidate Submission Link

01.19  State Officer Action Plan – Adviser Submission Link

01.19  State Officer Candidate Campaign Materials Submission
--------------->Coming soon.


 State Officer Candidate Guidelines/Applications
---------->Executive Committee Responsibilities (from Policy Handbook)
---------->Procedure for Becoming a State Officer (from Policy Handbook)
---------->State Officer Interview Committee (from Policy Handbook)
---------->State Officer Election Campaign Guidelines (from Policy Handbook)

10.18  State Officer Candidate Online Application/Guidelines

10.18  State Officer Candidate's Adviser Online Application/Guidelines

10.18  State Officer Candidate Approval Signatures Form

10.18  State Officer Candidate Interview Scoring Rubric

10.18  State Officer Travel Policy

 State Officer Accountability Regulations for 2019-20 Officer Candidates

10.18  Delegate Code of Conduct

10.18  State Officer Anticipated Expenses (for 2018-19 elected officers)

10.18  State Officer Anticipated Expenses (for 2019-20 elected officers)

10.18  State Officer Succession Policy

10.18  Procedures for Becoming a National Officer
---------->National Officer Candidate Application -- Student Portion
---------->National Officer Candidate Application -- Adviser Portion

Pennsylvania FBLA is permitted to submit and endorse one candidate only to run for either of the following elective offices:  National FBLA President, National FBLA Secretary, National FBLA Treasurer, and National FBLA Eastern Region Vice President.  Students who wish to be considered for National FBLA Parliamentarian must complete the application process also; however; Pennsylvania may endorse one or more parliamentarian applicants in addition to the other offices.  The National FBLA Parliamentarian is an "appointed" (not elected) office based on the highest test score of students taking the national Parliamentary Procedure exam.

Any Pennsylvania FBLA member wishing to consider a national office must complete the application process just as state officer candidates (and their advisers) are required to complete.  The adviser is an integral part of this process and is expected to accompany the candidate through the entire process.

Pennsylvania FBLA members who wish to run for national office must meet the following criteria:

1.  Hold or have held a local, region, or state level elective office at least 4 months prior to submitting the national office application.

2.  Maintain a "B" average in all business subjects.

3.  Campaign at the SLC.

4.  Deliver a campaign speech at the SLC.

5.  Solicit support for the national campaign by outlining his/her platform and campaign strategy to those chapters planning to attend the NLC.

6.  The deadline for PA FBLA members who wish to run for national office will be December 15, no later than 11:59 pm.  That is the same date as the state officer candidate application deadline.  National officer candidates will complete a similar online application as state officer candidates.

7.  Candidates for national office will be required to complete all components of the state officer application process.

8.  Approved national officer candidates will be required to attend the PA FBLA May/June state officer leadership training program.

9.  Candidates will be expected to present their potential national platform during the screening process.

If one or more candidates run for national office, the winner must be endorsed by a majority of the voting delegates at the SLC.  If two or more candidates run the candidate who receives the greatest number of votes at the SLC will be Pennsylvania's candidate.


If a vacancy occurs on the national slate of officer candidates after the Pennsylvania State Leadership Conference, The Executive Director/State Chairman, along with the State Committee,  may grant permission for a current state officer or a former state officer to declare his or her candidacy for national office.

All voting delegates from Pennsylvania to the NLC will be committed to the winning candidate, and each school represented at the NLC will be asked to assist with the campaign.

The approved Pennsylvania candidate must then complete the NATIONAL officer candidate application once it is published on the National FBLA-PBL website.  The applicant is required to receive the written endorsement on the application of the PA FBLA Executive Director/State Chairman Bruce Boncal, not State Adviser Kristi Ryland.  The National Office will refer many times to the term "state adviser" as part of the application process, but that is a national term referring to each state's key contact person.  For Pennsylvania, it is the PA FBLA Executive Director/State Chairman.



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